WHY Ben Grabham Chooses To Run Goldentyre

After four years of involvement, Ben Grabham still says Goldentyre Australia is his first choice in dirt tyres, whether it's enduro, motocross, endurocross, desert racing or flat track. As youre probably aware a lot of the best riders in the world choose to run GoldenTyres and Ben also turned to the Italian brand when he became team manager for the biggest offroad racing team in Australia - factory KTM.

The sporting career of Ben Grabham could have stopped because of a kangaroo. Back in April 2012, Ben Grabham also known as “The King of the Desert” suffered a big crash during the Condo 750 when he hit a kangaroo at 150km/h. Ben broke a vertebra, a wrist, his shoulder and punctured a lung. But the 3-time winner of the Australasian Safari and 4-time Desert Finke champion managed to recover on time for his first Dakar. And despite a very short preparation he impressed by finishing 15th overall.