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Goldentyre GT216AA Front Tire

Seriously the best tire on the market.

I beat this tire mercilessly for 1500 miles. All of the side knobs are still there! I run tubliss and zero flats. Everything from desert racing, Idaho City ISDE, and hundreds of miles of Pacific North West gnar. The tire is just now starting to push a little in corners. It's still better than any other tire I've used, but I can tell it's at the end of it's lifespan.



Goldentyre GT216AA "Fatty" Front Tire

THE off-road front tire...


I bought this tire before heading to rocky Hatfield McCoy WVa. I bought the bigger "fatty" size and it is indeed the biggest front tire I've seen. I never ran front Tubliss, only rear, but decided to with this tire. Tubliss works perfect in this big meat, and the tire performs just as others say. It rolls over obstacles easier, and really sticks through mud, rocks and turns. I run mine at 10 psi. This will replace my long love affair with the Michelin S12xc.



Goldentyre GT723 Front Tire

I ride because I love riding, this tyre adds to the enjoyment factor and personally believe this tyre is worth every cent.

This is by far the best review I have given a front tyre. The GT-723 is simply an outstanding adventure tyre. After just completing four fully loaded trips totalling 6,800 km, the tyre performed faultlessly and installed confidence right through to the end. Its ability to have such nice road manners and then perform so well in technical off-road train is a testament to the research and development from GoldenTyre. The number of times that this tyre should have let go in a few high-speed sketchy situations but held on was simply remarkable.

For more in-depth information on this review, check it out here.


It really excels on rocks roots and log crossings

The 216x was the first gummy tire i have ridden on. I was always hesitant because of the price and the longevity compared to other tires I've used. I have a KTM 500 XC-W set up for woods and tight single track. I bought the 216x along with the Tubliss system. Once on my first ride was at Hatfield McCoy. The traction is like nothing i have ever felt. The bike just lugs up the steep rocky stuff even when wet this tire still seems to find traction when other tires just couldn't.

Obviously with a bigger bike such as the 500 you could get real crazy on the throttle and burn the tire up very quick I'm sure. This tire is designed for smooth roll on traction finding throttle. I have a Rekluse and usually am a gear or two higher on single track anyway. I run 6-8 lbs in rear and seems to do OK in the high speed sections as well with just a little rolling on high speed turns. It does seem that as the tire hits about 40% tread left the traction does seem to get even better on rocky climbs. I have about 30 hrs on it now with about 2 of those on the street and i just ordered another to replace it this weekend. All in all this is the only tire i will ever buy from now on.


The X compound is astonishing.

Hi, I'm a 52-year-old man living in Italy and I'd like to share my experience as an Enduro enthusiast.
I've been riding motorcycles for 7 years with my son through the hills on Sundays. I've used many types of tyres during these years but I've always a big issue: uphills low speed reboots (with stones and roots on the way) weren't perfect and I had to get off the bike and push it every time.

It's been 2 months since I got a KTM 300 with REKLUSE, it's an amazing bike but the problem persisted: the performance wasn't that good when it came to mule tracks with wet rocks and at low speed. Then I saw these GOLDENTYRE 523 X tyres and I fell in love with the aggressive design, I bought them and magically the reboots were perfect: no matter how many wet stones, mud or roots or there were! They give so much fun to my ride and they have an amazing grip. No doubt I'll buy this model from now on. The X compound is astonishing.


Baja 1000 Race Proven!

When it came to preparing for the 2016 Baja 1000, one of the hardest choices to make was determining what the best tire and Mousse insert combo would be for this type of race.  Due to input from riders who have run Baja and the Rip to Cabo we chose to go with the Goldentyre GT216AA “fatty” front tire and the Maxxis Desert IT on the rear (mostly because no one had experience with the Goldentyre rears).  Of course, our biggest concern after tire selection was what brand of Mousse to go with and how long will the Mousse last? After long phone conversations with dealers and reps from all of the big Mousse Manufacturers we still didn’t have a clear answer.  Not a single one of them would guarantee their inserts for more than 200 miles in that terrain, front or rear!  I decided to call Alec over at Slavens Racing and see if he could do some research and find us the best insert for the Baja 1000.  A day later Alec called me back and said that Dax Simonelli from Goldentyre West “is pretty sure” their Mousse inserts can go the distance on one front and two rears, even recommending the proper size to fit in our Maxxis rear tires.  

Taking their advice, we went ahead and purchased the Goldentyre Mousse inserts as recommended, one front and two rears.  As it turns out they were right!  Our rear Mousse lasted 520 miles and was only changed to get a fresh tire for the last 330 miles of the course and the front tire and the Mousse lasted the entire 854 miles! Of course the front tire was well worn and starting to show signs of failure but the Mousse held up great!  Goldentyre’s Mousse inserts played a great role in our success at the 2016 Baja 1000, winning the Pro Moto 30 class with minimal pit times and no down time due to tire failure.  We will absolutely be using Goldentyre’s products in the future and we look forward to the new tire designs being brought to the US designed specifically for this type of racing.  Thank you Goldentyre and keep up the good work!

2016 SCORE Baja 1000 - 1st place Pro Moto 30 Class #321x Kyle James, Reid Edwards, Ben Petter


Awesome Tire

"They must use a different type of rubber than dunlop because I thought tires ripped no matter what. But then I bought a rear goldentire and it actually wore normally without tearing. The knobs are super soft too and get great traction. The only issue I have with them is that they are a little skinny. If you usually run a 110 Id definitely get a 120."


National quality and performance

I've been a mx racer for nearly 25 years and ran dunlops but with soaring prices and the market cornered I was given 3 sets of golden tires from a friend at b-line racing right before Loretta Lynn's national 2016 and love them. Hook up well when new like most tires but the unique thing is they hook up nearly as well when edge is worn. Excellent tires. But these tires like to have 14 psi to 14.5 psi front and rear everywhere.


This moose lasts!!

"I run the 140 in a 120 GT230 tire and it feels about like 10-11 psi. I am a bigger guy and am not normally able to run less than 14psi in rocky conditions so I love the traction I am able to get. I have had this new G Moose in for twice as long as I have been able to keep other Moose inserts and it is showing no signs of wear. After 25hrs on the bike this moose has been in 3 different tires and it is not collapsing like other moose inserts seem to. They are a bit more expensive but I believe its cheaper in the long run as I have not had to replace it. 
FYI I do keep the Moose well lubed and I believe this aids to it lasting."


Great Hardpack tire

I love this tire for intermediate to hard terrain. Although I have run it at Riverdale MX (Simi-sandy) and still love it. Its just feels extremely consistent. It has lasted better than any front I have ran. My favorite all around front to date!


Excellent Front Tire

We use this front tire with the GT232 rear in all of our District 37 desert races. This is the only front tire we will race with, its well worth the money.


Awesome off road tire

This is by far the best all around tire we have raced and trail ridden with, Awesome performance and very good wear.


GT216AA 80/100-21

We started running this tire at the beginning of 2016 switching from X30's. With my son only 140lbs we opted not to go with the famed fatty. This front tire provided an immediate increase in confidence over anything he has used before in all conditions racing all over the NW. With that kind of performance I expected short life but that's not the case. It wears better than other tires we have used, side knobs don't tear out and we only used 2 tires all year. Both are still plenty good for trail riding and practice. Very impressive!


523X Rear Tire

My son ran this tire at the Devils Head ISDE in the Tillamook Burn this year. Basically it's a game changer. The ultra soft compound and carcass when paired with a soft mousse provide traction like he has never experienced. I fully expected the tire to be trashed in the 100 mile event but it wasn't. A bit more wear than I would expect from a normal tire but the traction didn't fall off as the edge went away. Amazing single track tire!


Ultimate woods Tire

Excellent wet grip, wet logs and roots are no problem. A little expensive but well worth the money. I have almost 500miles of single track riding and has lots of life left. So far the best enduro tire I have tried(Michelin s12 xc, maxxis it etc). Will buy again for sure.


Almost like cheating

This tire is wider and taller and for single track it is almost cheating. In the rocks it is stable and I have had no pinch flats from the Arizona square rocks. I will keep buying them until a better one comes along. The compound is soft which seems to help with chunking. I have used other tires and needed to replace due to chunking the side knobbies off before the tire was worn. Keep it up.


Incredible combination

Raced the Round 1 National Hare & Hound this weekend in Lucerne Valley. Lots of hard packed terrain, soft sand washes, and rocks for days! It rained before and occasionally during the race so the sand was fluffy, the hard pack terrain turned slick with mud, and the rocks were incredibly wet and slippery. I would not have had the confidence I did in this type of setting if it weren't for this incredible combination. No flats thanks the the G-Mousse and traction for days with my GT216AA, and GT216X set up. Best tires I have ever raced! 5th Overall in Woman A Class!