The GT233 front tire has been designed and tested by the best motocross racers in Europe and the U.S. The goal was to create a tire specifically designed for SX and MX use in intermediate to hard conditions. The GT233 is the result of countless hours and laps of testing and it provides unmatched grip and feel for today’s demanding race conditions. Used by Taddy Blazusiak in the American EnduroX Series.



  • Reinforced carcass and wide profile create a consistent feel on hard, flat terrain
  • Exclusive tire compound allows for the perfect balance or flexibility and durability
  • Open tread pattern and reinforced side knobs provide excellent cornering grip
  • DOT and F.I.M. approved

available sizes

90/90-21 TT 57R - P/N [GOP3285] 


Recommended G-Mousse insert MOU2000 80/100-21 (est. 10-12psi) or MOU2001 90/90-21 (est. 12-14psi).

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