Snow Enduro Riding! KTM 300 and the GT523X

Goldentyre believer Franco from Italy sent us this cool helmet cam video showing us putting the GT523X to the test! Check out what he has to say about his experience with the tire.

Hi, I'm a 52-year-old man living in Italy and I'd like to share my experience as an Enduro enthusiast. I've been riding motorcycles for 7 years with my son through the hills on Sundays. I've used many types of tyres during these years but I've always a big issue: uphills low speed reboots (with stones and roots on the way) weren't perfect and I had to get off the bike and push it every time.

It's been 2 months since I got a KTM 300 with REKLUSE, it's an amazing bike but the problem persisted: the performance wasn't that good when it came to mule tracks with wet rocks and at low speed. Then I saw these GOLDENTYRE 523 X tyres and I fell in love with the aggressive design, I bought them and magically the reboots were perfect: no matter how many wet stones, mud or roots or there were! They give so much fun to my ride and they have an amazing grip. No doubt I'll buy this model from now on. The X compound is astonishing.

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