Goldentyre products are created to satisfy the needs of professional riders, sportsmen and women, and enthusiasts. Product development is also a result of the close collaboration between the brand and teams from the various motorcycle disciplines: Motocross, Enduro, Rally, Minicross, Trial, Speedway, Flat Track and Supermotard.



gt233 - Front

The GT233 front tire has been designed and tested by the best motocross racers in Europe and the U.S. The goal was to create a tire specifically designed for SX and MX use in intermediate to hard conditions. The GT233 is the result of countless hours and laps of testing and it provides unmatched grip and feel for today's demanding race conditions. Used by Taddy Blazusiak in the American EnduroX Series.


The GT216AA front tire line-up was developed and tested by the best racers in the world to provide maximum grip while maintaining excellent bump compliance and durability. The special V-shaped tread pattern and flexible construction provide unmatched traction in any terrain. Each size has specific characteristics to maximize performance in a specific type of conditions. Proven results in every round of the 2016 Red Bull Extreme Enduro Series by Jonny Walker, Graham Garvis, Taddy Blazusiak, Alfredo Gomez, and many more.

gt232n - rear

The GT232N rear tire was designed and tested by the top motocross teams in Europe, Australia and the U.S. The results have created the best motocross / off-road race tire on the planet. By combining the perfect amount of flexibility and structure, the GT232N provides the best traction in soft / intermediate track conditions. The exclusive compound and design provide incredibly even wear and traction throughout the entire life of the tire.

GT280 - REAR

The GT280 Jacky Tsunami was developed in cooperation with former Motocross World Champion Jacky Martens. Years of testing and development in the sand tracks of Europe with Martens (who won 2 consecutive FIM 500cc World Motocross Championships) are what make the GT280 the ultimate sand and mud terrain tire. The Goldentyre GT280 features a shovel-shaped knob design that also facilitates the expulsion of sand / mud while using unique angles in the knobs to offer superior braking traction and steering feel.

GT369 - Rear

The Goldentyre GT369 is the result of collaboration with top world motocross riders and promises to set the benchmark for the category. Designed for intermediate and hard pack conditions, the recessed housing and large-section reduce the possibility of torsion and offer a greater footprint. Exclusive tread pattern and rubber compound give the GT369 exceptional wear characteristics and ideal for dual sport applications.