The GT523E tire was designed to meet the needs of the F.I.M. courses that feature intermediate to hard terrain conditions. From grass track to technical single track and even some gravel roads, the GT523E provides consistent grip and fantastic durability in Europe’s most difficult races. In addition, the DOT certification has made this tire a favorite amongst dual sport riders around the globe.



  • F.I.M. approved 13mm lugs and 140/80-18 profile provide a massive footprint
  • Specially designed carcass and tread design to maintain contact in uneven terrain
  • Relieved knob centers and bridged shoulder knobs allow for increased durability on rocky terrain
  • DOT and F.I.M. approved

available sizes

140/80-18 TLS 70R - P/N [GOP4014S] 


Recommended G-Mousse insert MOU2014 140/80-18 (est. 12-14psi) or MOU2015 150/80-18 (est. 14-16psi)

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