GT280 - REAR


The GT280 Jacky Tsunami was developed in cooperation with former Motocross World Champion Jacky Martens. Years of testing and development in the sand tracks of Europe with Martens (who won 2 consecutive FIM 500cc World Motocross Championships) are what make the GT280 the ultimate sand and mud terrain tire. The Goldentyre GT280 features a shovel-shaped knob design that also facilitates the expulsion of sand / mud while using unique angles in the knobs to offer superior braking traction and steering feel.



  • Designed for sand / mud conditions only, not to be used on hard pack terrain.
  • Shovel shaped knob design

available sizes

3.00-10 TT 42J - P/N [GOP3528]

80/100-12 TT 50M - P/N [GOP3526]

90/100-14 TT 49M - P/N [GOP3525]

90/100-16 TT 51M - P/N [GOP3524]


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