The GT216AA front tire from Goldentyre is now available in Minicross sizes. Don't miss out on the unparalleled traction and cornering that only Goldentyre can offer. Specially created all-terrain front racing tire. Its V shaped knobby tread gives excellent corner control; lightweight, flexible carcass guarantees a large contact surface and good shock-absorption. The GT216AA front tire line-up was developed and tested by the best racers in the world to provide maximum grip while maintaining excellent bump compliance and durability.



  • Vertical tread design and narrow profile create unmatched stability in ruts and soft conditions
  • V shaped knobs and exclusive tread compound allow tire to penetrate soft soil, sand and mud
  • Reinforced carcass design allows for maximum traction without sacrificing feel and rim protection
  • DOT approved

available sizes

2.50-10 TT 33J - P/N [GOP3293] 

2.50-12 TT 33J - P/N [GOP3289]

2.75-12 TT 42J - P/N [GOP3294]

60/100-14 TT 29R - P/N [GOP3292]

70/100-17 TT 40R - P/N [GOP3291]

70/100-19 TT 42R - P/N [GOP3290]



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